The TEQIP Project has following objectives:

  • Strengthening Institutions to produce high quality engineers for better employability.
  • Scaling-up postgraduate education and demand-driven Research & Development and Innovation.
  • Establishing Centers of Excellence for focused applicable research.
  • Training of faculty for effective Teaching.
  • Enhancing Institutional and System Management effectiveness.
The proposed development plan for Govt. Engineering College Idukki, under TEQIP Phase II, aims in bringing radical changes in the existing teaching learning atmosphere, for improving the quality and employability of students.

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 List of Procured Items Under TEQIP Phase II

Sl Name of the Department Download
1 Computer Science and Engineering Procurement List
2 Information Technology Procurement List
3 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Procurement List
4 Electronics and Communication Engineering Procurement List

Interested vendors may contact the corresponding Department
Board of Governors Members

Sl No  Name  Designation and Institution at the time of appointment to BOG Current Designation and Institution  E-mail ID  Mobile No
1 Dr. A Veeraragavan (BoG Chairman) Professor,IIT Madras Professor,IIT Madras aveeraragavan@gmail.com 9444742710
2 Shri. Raveendra Kumar(Industrilist)  Senior Scientist,TATA Cunsultancy Services   Senior Scientist,TATA Cunsultancy Services  raveendra.kumar@tcs.com  9945099155
3 * Smt. M Pennamma(Member) Chief Engineer, Design & Administration PWD * Retired  thampy.pennamma@gmail.com  9447483806
4 Dr.David Solomon George Associate Prof in ECE (Institutional Member) Associate Professor ,Dept of Electronics & Communication,GEC-Idukki Associate Professor,Dept of Electronics & Communication,GEC-Idukki davidsg123@yahoo.co.in  9946449126
5 Shri. Roy Francis Associate Prof in ECE (Institutional Member)  Associate Professor in ECE  Technology-GEC-Idukki  Associate Professor in ECE-GEC-Idukki royaf@gecidukki.ac.in  9446548502
6 Shri. Ajayan C Additional Secretary H.Edn Dept (G,J&P) Dept  3rd Floor Annex II, Government Secretriate   Higher Education Department, State Government Nominee (Member Ex-Officio) highereducationas1@gmail.com 9847767820
7 Sabu John  Govt.Finance Department, State Government Nominee (Member Ex-Officio Govt.Finance Department, State Government Nominee (Member Ex-Officio financeofficeridukki@gmail.com 8547610070
8 Dr. Byjubai T P  Director of Technical Education(Member, Ex-Officio Director of Technical Education(Member, Ex-Officio dte@gmail.com 9495230046
9 Dr. Vrinda V Nair, Director SPFU(Member, Ex-Officio) Director SPFU(Member, Ex-Officio spfu.teqip.kerala@gmail.com   9447381186
10 Dr.Praveen A(University Nominee) Registrar, KTU  Registrar, KTU  registrar@ktu.edu.in 9495047173
11 Dr. Ramesh Unnikrishnan(AICTE Nominee)  Regional Officer & Director, AICTE-South-South Western Regional office -TVM  Regional Unnikrishnan, Regional Officer & Director, AICTE-South-South Western Regional office -TVM   rameshtrivandrum@rediffmail.com 9447246162
12 Principal of Institution (member Secretary-Ex-Officio) Principal, Government Engineering College-Idukki Principal, Government Engineering College-Idukki principal@gecidukki.ac.in  9447637773

BoG Minutes

Sl Venue Date Download
1 Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram 30-11-2010 Minutes
2 Thiruvananthapuram 24-02-2012 Minutes
3 GEC Idukki, Painavu 11-06-2012 Minutes
4 GEC Idukki, Painavu 17-09-2012 Minutes
5 GEC Idukki, Painavu 10-12-2012 Minutes
6 GEC Idukki, Painavu 25-02-2013 Minutes Annexures
7 Hotel Chaithram,Thiruvananthapuram 10-07-2013 Minutes
8 Hotel Chaithram,Thiruvananthapuram 01-11-2013 Minutes
9 GEC Idukki, Painavu 17-02-2014 Minutes
10 Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram 25-08-2014 Minutes
11 GEC Idukki, Painavu 27-04-2015 Minutes
12 GEC Idukki, Painavu 05-10-2015 Minute
13 Mascot Hotel,  Thiruvananthapuram 12-02-2016 Minute
14 GEC Idukki, Painavu 24-09-2016 Minute
15 GEC Idukki, Painavu 28-03-2017 Minute
16 GEC Idukki, Painavu 27-10-2017 Minute
17 GEC Idukki, Painavu 03-10-2019 Minute
18 GEC Idukki, Painavu 26-08-2020 Minute
19 GEC Idukki, Painavu 25-02-2021 Minute
20 GEC Idukki, Painavu 25-03-2022 Minute
Government Engineering College
Painavu, Idukki,
Kerala - 685603, India.
Phone: 04862-233250/232477
Fax : 04862-232477
Email: info@gecidukki.ac.in